NewsGator it is!

I'm happy to report that I've finally found an RSS aggregator I liked: NewsGator. I just put my order in minutes ago, and the whole process couldn't be any more painless. Thanks Greg for a great product and a great buying experience.

WinServer 2003

Joining the crowd.... I'm downloading WinServer 2003 from MSDN as I write this (but with over 450MB still to go, it will take a while ).</p> I'm still waiting on Everett before I repave my machine, though ;)</p>

Clemens SOA Slide Deck

Clemens mentioned his slides on Service Oriented Architectures from the EMEA Architecture Tour. Just looked at them, and boy, what a nice slide deck! Way to go, Clemens! Definitely something worth looking into!

Ingo and DM

Woohoo! Ingo's done it! Congratulations, my friend! Well deserved, imho, and a great addition to the DM family (this said from someone who's never been to a DM course...)

RPC vs. Messaging

Yasser has been battling the RPC vs. Messaging debate with Chris Kinsman. Plenty of interesting comments. But please bear with this Web Services newbie [1] while I try to present some of my thoughts on the matter, and hopefully clear some things up for myself... </p> I totally agree with...

xsd.exe /c schema.xsd

Simon asks: ", how do I configure VS.NET to run xsd.exe /c schema.xsd?" The answer: You use Chris' XsdClassesGen </p>

A Java Book?

While looking for a new book to start reading today, I reached into my bookshelf and grabbed Brett McLaughlin's Building Java Enterprise Applications, Volume I: Architecture. Yes, a Java book. I don't really do much Java nowadays, but there's plenty going on in the Java world to learn from. And...

DM-Hosted Weblogs Down?

Is it just me? Or is anyone else noticing the same thing?

XML Schema Book

Just finished reading Eric van der Vlist's XML Schema book. While a little dry, I did managed to learn a few new things on XML schema, so it was a very worthwhile read.

Night of the Living Dead

It seems they keep coming back. This time, it looks like Mike Deem might start blogging again..... perhaps.