More Recent Music

Some more new music I've gotten lately: Falconer - Falconer Labyrinth - Sons of Thunder The Mars Volta - Tremulant Morgenstern - Feuertaufe Power Symphony - Lightbringer The Quiet Room - Introspect The Quiet Room - Reconceive Riot - Sons of Society Sunterra - Lost Time </p>

WSE 2.0

As everybody knows, WSE 2.0 was released last week. One thing I find myself wishing for was to be able to use Simon's excellent TcpTrace with the TCP Transport in WSE. Alas, WSE doesn't like it when the reply endpoint is on a different port than the request (it's possibly...

New Desktop

I've always liked my desktop to look good; amazingly enough, it helps me be more productive. Now, by good I'm not only talking about making it look pretty, but also about making it as unobtrussive as possible. Mostly, I try to look for something that I can stare at all...

Sam on Adesso

My good friend Sam has now become Chief .NET Architect at Adesso. Congratulations, my friend! It is well deserved :) P.S: Sorry for not congratulating you sooner, I've just been up to my neck with things at work! :( </p>

Trivial Properties

One of the features I'm liking more in C++/CLI is Trivial Properties: #using using namespace System; ref class X { public: property int Value; }; int main() { X^ x = gcnew X(); x->Value = 4; Console::WriteLine("Value is {0}", x->get_Value()); } </code></pre></p> Pure syntactic-sugar, but saves a lot of typing...</p>...

WTL On SourceForge

WTL (Windows Template Library) has now been released in an Open Source project at SourceForge. Cool!


Way cool. No need to say anything more.

BizTalk 2004 Transactions

Definitely a good read. Raises quite a few interesting questions!

BizTalk Transformation Maps

The BizTalk Server 2004 schema mapping (transformation) facilities are used to transform a document instance from one schema into a new document with a different one (it also supports 1-* and *-1 and *-* transformations). The underlying transformation engine is the XSLT transformation engine. It is generally believed that the...

Blake Stone

Blake Stone, former CTO of Borland, now works as an Architect at Microsoft in the Visual Studio Core Team.