In case anyone is wondering where I've been lately (yes, I know no one does, but it never hurst to say it anyway ;)), here's it: As we approached the final milestone of our current project, we had to dive a little bit harder than usual as we were kinda late, and had some stability problems, so I had to spend a few days (yes, two weeks, including weekend and holiday, sucks) rewriting some parts of the core to get it to work again.

And then, I got sick last wednesday, which sucks even more. I got really dizzy and a bad headache :( I got a few exams taken already, but there doesn't seem to be anything actually wrong, although I suspect it may be one of two things: I need glasses, and/or I need to get my ears looked at, since they seem to be hurting a lot lately :(

Anyway, that's been pretty much it...

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.