After last night's entry, I got today an email from Becky Dias. I figure it's OK to answer it publicly.. (I'm only gonna quote the relevant parts here)

Rebecca says "The extension of the support policy was supposed to make customers happy.". It does!. I don't think any of us meant it didn't. What ticked me, in particular, was the implication of the message that we shoudln't have been using it in the first place, since that seems to contradict what Microsoft said in the past about the toolkit.

Becky also asked "Out of curiosity, for future applications, are you adverse to using .NET/COM interop?". No, I'm not. I love .NET development. However, from past experience, were I faced with the need to consume web services from COM/DNA code, then big chances are that using .NET/COM interop would simply not be a choice, either because of simplicity/political/deployment reasons. I'd love to still have an option on that platform that enables some simple, yet pretty powerful scenarios (like the SOAP Toolkit does).

Finally, I'd like to apologize to Becky if my post came across somewhat hostile; it was never my intention (seems to be something in the way I talk that rubs people that way...sorry!). I should also mention that I got to attend your talk at the Financial Services Developer conference back in april, and quite enjoyed it ;)

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.