Ingo's Book

Funky. Ingo's book getting reviewed on slashdot :)

Ingo's Architecture Briefings

Ingo Rammer has now started publishing his Architecture Briefings whitepapers. Not only is the content great, but I really think he got quite a nice layout and presentation for them (which always helps in readability). Go get'em!

Renaming Winforms

Eric Gunnerson asks a good question on renaming windows forms classes in the VS.NET designer. My take on this is a little bit harsh, I have to admit: This question is only necessary because of what I consider an fairly crappy design decission: Tying the winforms designers to the code...

Good Pocket PC Software?

In an unexpected move, my sister gave me her IPaq as a present (cool!). It's a Compaq H3760 model. So, I'm looking for any decent software for it (you know, like, games and stuff ). Any ideas? Also, does anyone know of any good places to find software for it?...

Not much content lately

As many of you have probably noticed (yes, all of you three that actually read this :)), I haven't been posting much lately. The reasons? A lack of time (too busy), not having anything really interesting to say, and the fact I've been feeling a little burned out lately. Hopefully...

SQL problems in ES?

Has anyone run into any problems with connecting to SQL Server 2000 database servers from within ServicedComponents that use the declarative transaction service in COM+? The reason I ask is because while stabilizing the code base for our project, and doing a few tests with a third party product, we've...

BYOT and Win2k revisited

A long time ago I posted something here regarding what seemed like a bug in the BYOT implementation on Windows 2000. Well, I never got any confirmation on that, but that hardly matters... it's a problem nevertheless :) Anyway, James Butler was kind enough to post a few comments to...

Happy Birthday

Happy 26th birthday to me!

Virtual PC little things

I've been fooling around with Virtual PC these few days for fun, and have run into a couple of snatches perhaps others might run into: VPC 5.2 takes a little bit of work to install on Windows Server 2003. While the installation seems successful at first, starting VPC up fails....

Virtual PC

Just in case anyone's interested, Virtual PC 5.2 is now available in MSDN Subscriber downloads!