A long time ago I posted something here regarding what seemed like a bug in the BYOT implementation on Windows 2000. Well, I never got any confirmation on that, but that hardly matters... it's a problem nevertheless :)

Anyway, James Butler was kind enough to post a few comments to the post today, which brought the topic back to my attention, and reminded me of something I noticed a few weeks ago: that quite a few people are probably aware of the problem!

The reason for this? Well, quite a few products install COM+ applications that just wrap the BYOT functionality (a simple component that creates the required object). Now, of course, they might do it that way for other reasons, but it does seem like it's one possible cause.

Of the top of my head, two products that do this are Biztalk Server 2004 (now in beta) and the Unisys' OpenTI transaction integration software (the actual name right now might be different for the product suite, though).

In the end, this sounds to me like the most sensible and safe workaround available right no...

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.