Recent Albums

Some albums I've recently (that is, in the past few months) added to my music collection: Chinchilla: Madness Lost Horizon: Awakening the World Running Wild: Victory Vintersorg: A Focusing Blur Otyg: Sagovindars Boning Lacrimas Profundere: Burning: a wish Labyrinth: Sons of Thunder Insania: World of Ice Fates Warning: Disconnected Fates...


How cool is this?: <img alt="MvpBadge.jpg" src="/weblog/images/MvpBadge-thumb.jpg" width="192" height="256" border="0" /> </p>

BizTalk Error Question

Does anyone know exactly what one has to do to use fault messages on request/receive ports in BizTalk Server 2004 succesfully without running into a "X2162: must receive before sending a fault message on an implemented port" error at compile time? (I really don't have to mention at this point...

BizTalk schemas yuck

The new BizTalk Server 2004 schema designer (which I still haven't become a fan of) has one thing I really, really dislike: By default, schemas created with it have elementFormDefault="unqualified". Yuck. I always forget to change it the first time, and of course I'm then surprised when BizTalk doesn't catch...

Cool Pictures

While I can't take a picture worth a penny, I love looking at cool photos. One site I enjoy looking at everyday is Daily Dose of Imagery.


Hadn't notice this one before, but Fiddler looks like a great complement to Simon Fell's TcpTrace.

VPC2004 and Redhat9

Speaking of Virtual PC 2004, let me tell you about a bit of a snaffu I had when trying to install Redhat 9 on VPC this weekend. The initial installation went just fine. I was able to partition and format the drive, select the packages and install them with no...

VPC2004 and WinServer2003

John asks: "Does anyone know if VPC 2004 runs OK on Win2K3 Server?". I'm running it here without any problems [1]. So far, I've loaded WinXP, Win2000 Server, Redhat 7.3 and Redhat 9, as well as longhorn as guests OSs with no problems on any of them. </p> [1] Well,...

Oracle and DT

This entry by Sam Gentile is a must read if you're doing COM+ Distributed Transactions and Oracle, alongside all of Robert's posts. Guys, thanks so much for sharing all the details, it's a great contribution!


Don Box posts a few interesting comments on WinFS, two of which I wanted to comment on: "To me (and perhaps to Tim), the most important feature of WinFS is that all application data is now transparent." </p> *Cough* *Cough*. Transparent? Excuse me if I'm somewhat skeptical. </p> "In a...