Some albums I've recently (that is, in the past few months) added to my music collection:

  • Chinchilla: Madness
  • Lost Horizon: Awakening the World
  • Running Wild: Victory
  • Vintersorg: A Focusing Blur
  • Otyg: Sagovindars Boning
  • Lacrimas Profundere: Burning: a wish
  • Labyrinth: Sons of Thunder
  • Insania: World of Ice
  • Fates Warning: Disconnected
  • Fates Warning: Inside Out
  • Fates Warning: Parallels
  • Fates Warning: Perfect Symmetry
  • Eisheilig: Eisheilig
  • Diary of Dreams: One of 18 angels

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.