EMusic and Metal Blade

It seems the existing contract between EMusic and Metal Blade Records has terminated and was not renewed (I don't know the specifics). As a current Emusic subscriber, I find this extremely sad, since Metal Blade was one of the records with some of the best bands out there you could...


Congratulations are in order for Clemens (and Ingo, as well, though he's keeping quiet on the topic ;)). Congratulations guys, and welcome to the gang! </p>


Looking for ways to deal with suspended messages in BizTalk Server 2004, I turned to the WMI interfaces. One of the ones I'm trying out is MSBTS_ServiceInstanceSuspendedEvent. It certainly works for me, except for one little thing I'm not sure about... What does it mean when the ServiceClass property has...

Assembly.Load() vs. LoadFrom()

Jon Flanders posts here about a problem he diagnosed recently about Assembly.LoadFrom() and Assembly.Load() behaving differently. The issue he basically ran into is that Load() and LoadFrom() load the assembly into different contexts (the Load Context and the LoadFrom Context, respectively). Suzanne Cook has a most excellent explanation of binding...

Continued MVP-ness

Looks like I've been re-awared for another year as a VC++ MVP. Cool!

WS and Corba

I found Ted Neward's post on WS and Corba quite interesting. I tend to agree with most of what's being said by Ted, Don and Steve, except for a few particular points. First of all, let's start with Steve's comment "Something else that Don doesn't mention about what CORBA (and...

GDN Workspaces Vs. Sourceforge

Craig Andera posts about the move of FlexWiki from GotDotNet workspaces to Sourceforge.net. All I can say is: Bravo! I so totally agree with Craig: GDN Workspaces are extremely unusable... they are very slow, unreliable (they mostly never worked for me right) and the usability of the overall GDN site...

Receive Pipeline woes

Charles Young has a post explaining a problem with Receive Pipelines in BizTalk Server 2004 that contain the Xml Dissasembler and use custom pipeline components. Worth reading to see what goes one inside the pipelines.

BizTalk Flat File Schemas Tutorial

I always get confused about the meaning of the properties for the Flat File schema designer extensions in BizTalk Server, so I decided to write a small tutorial on creating a simple delimited flat file schema for a CSV format that guides you through the necessary steps. I'll probably improve...


Happy 27th birthday to me. Hoorray!