Craig Andera posts about the move of FlexWiki from GotDotNet workspaces to All I can say is: Bravo! I so totally agree with Craig: GDN Workspaces are extremely unusable... they are very slow, unreliable (they mostly never worked for me right) and the usability of the overall GDN site is just appalling. Given that, I pretty much ignore any project that is posted to GDN by default, even if it's one I would be very interested in contributing... fighting the tools all the way is not my idea of fun.

Now, Sourceforge ain't perfect, either, but at least they work and don't have all that huge hassle... and getting up and running an contributing (once you know how to join a project, the mail list and access CVS) is fairly quick.

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.