I mentioned a few weeks ago that Microsoft had released the latest Intellipoint software for the MS mice that finally supported Vista, and mentioned a few issues with the magnifier support in it. Well, there's another, more annoying problem: Scrolling with the mouse wheel doesn't work correctly.

To be honexst it does work most of the time. However, sometimes you'll notice that the wheel stops responding properly: you need to move the wheel a lot and fast to get just a little bit of scrolling to happen [1]. I think I finally figured what's going on: It only happens if you dicconnect and reconnect your mouse while the machine is up and running (or if you boot your machine without a mouse and then connect it).

Unfortunately, this is one of the most common things to do if you're on a laptop, making the Intellipoint software rather annoying to use for me. I'm not betting my money on a service realease soon, either.

There seems to be an easy workaround (if even more annoying than the problem): Kill the ipoint.exe process using task manager and launch it again from "c:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\ipoint.exe". At least this [temporarily] fixes the scrolling issue for me.

[1] Also, vertical scrolling doesn't work for all practical purposes in a VPC2007 Virtual Machine, but I'm not sure yet whether it is a problem with the Virtual PC 2007 beta or Intellipoint.

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