One of my favourite things in the world is reading books, not only technical in nature, btw. So I just wanted to stop my usual technical babble to mention some of the things I've been reading recently. I'm usually a big Sci-Fi and Fantasy junkie, but I also enjoy a lot novels (particularly with a historical background).

I just started reading Edward Burman's "The Image of our Lord", though I'm only in the second chapter so far so it will still be a while before I know if I like it  :-).

Just yesterday I finished reading through Arthur C. Clark's  2001 Space Oddisey saga (2001: Space Odissey, 2010: Odissey Two, 2061: Oddisey Three and 3001: Final Odissey), and I rather enjoyed them. I loved the 2001 and 2010 films, and so I rather wanted to see how the story unfolded later on (though there are certainly differences between the books and the movies, they are both rather entertaining).

Before that, here are some other books I read recently:

  • Kenizé Mourad's Regards from the Dead Princess
  • Tom Clancy's Executive Orders
  • Tom Clancy's NetForce: Hidden Agendas
  • Tom Clancy's The Teeth of the Tiger
  • Vanessa Collinridge's Captain Cook
  • Dean Ing's Single Combat
  • Morgan Llywelyn's Druids
  • Max Gallo's Napoleon
  • Jim Hougan's Kingdom Come
  • Christian Jacq's La Reine soleil (in spanish, of course!)

And possibly a fair share of other books I'm forgetting...

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