Hell Week

This has been one crappy week at work. It started off pretty good, and then descended into hell :S. Ohh well, doesn't look like next one is going to be much better. We'll see. At least, I hope I'll be able to be able to manage my time again and...

Short MS Links

Sean & Scott talk about the new http://www.msdn.com/ and wonder whether there are other shortcuts like this. Well, there are. Here are two others I know of: </p> http://www.msoffice.com/ http://www.windows.com </p>

Outdated Blogroll

I haven't updated my blogroll in quite a while. This is, of course, Greg's fault for producing such a wonderful tool. I subscribe now to quite a few more feeds, including of course, much of the MS newcomers and a few others....

Music Change

I've been generally regarded all around as a Metal Head, since I used to listen hard rock and heavy-metal (and from there upwards) almost exclusively. However, in the past few years, my music taste has broaden quite a bit, and now I tend to listen to a mix of genres,...

ASP.NET Forums

Yesterday, I wondered into the ASP.NET forums, and stayd for a while, going over many of the topics and answering a few of the questions there. And you know what? I'm prefer mail lists or NNTP myself, but actually, it has one of the better HTML interfaces for forums out...


Adrian Bateman reported on his site about a new MC++ FAQ at the MSDN site. Looks like a pretty good resource worth checking out if you're interested in MC++. Which of course, reminds me that I should set up a links section on my own MC++ FAQ... </p>

SOAP Intermediaries

I've been trying to get my head around how the whole SOAP Processing Model works (specially in v1.2), while at the same time trying to digest WS-Routing and the concept of SOAP Intermediaries. Most makes sense right from the start, but there are a few things I'm still not completely...

New MC++ Winforms Article

My friend Sam just got his first article published on MSDN online together with Chris (whom I've already congratulated via email!). This one covers WinForms programming with Managed C++ on Everett. Be sure to check it out! </p>

Calling Stevesw...

Can someone who can contact Steve Swartz let him know that his RSS feeds still point out DouglasP as the title and managingEditor?

Scalable Apps Tour Slide Deck

Clemens points out the slide decks he and Steve Swartz made for the Scalable Apps Tour. You can grab them here. Just browsed them over, and as usual, excellent stuff. Highly recommended! </p>