Congratulations, Scott!

For those of you who don't know, today is Scott's graduation, so go ahead and congratulate him! Way to go, dude!

Simplifying WSDL

I used to think that WSDL was very complex. I'm not quite sure anymore. Once I understood some key concepts, things started to make sense, in that sort of Kafkaesque sort of way. I'm talking about things like Abstract WSDL vs. Concrete WSDL. There are a few reasons I think...

Schema Conformance

Yesterday, at the end of Scott's talk, someone asked whether the ASP.NET Web Services Infrastructure did Schema validation of incoming SOAP Messages according to the schema defined in the WSDL types section (or imported schemas in the WSDL). I happen to think this is a pretty interesting question, actually. My...

The Web Services Proxy Concept

Let's face it: Most people out there still think of Objects and OO-RPC over HTTP when they think about WebServices. Can't say I blame them: it makes perfect sense if you're just use to the usual OO and procedural paradigms. Unfortunately, I think we keep portraying this notions that help...

TechEd Day3: The Afternoon

I started writing this entry while listening to Scott Hanselman go on about his sister and parallel parking (The Neo of parallel parking?).... and here I was thinking I was to hear about WSDL! (Nahh, I'm joking... it's a story funny as hell!) Minutes later: There are a few terms...

VS.NET 2003 Powertoys

Look for them here. 'Nuff said. </p>

TechEd Day 1: Addendum

Forgot to say I got the chance to meet F2F with Clemens Vasters and hear him talk a little bit about all the cool things he's talking about, and then later on meet Dare Obasanjo and talk to him about the XML stack in .NET :) I also managed to...

Biztalk Server 2004 Beta

We got a copy of the beta on CD here today.... looking forward to installing it tonight (or maybe tomorrow, who knows!). Anyway, for those of you away with an MSDN subscription, according to this the beta should be available soon from MSDN subscriber downloads!

TechEd 2003 Day 1

Walking up at 3:30 am to get to MIA to catch a ride to dallas. Urgh! Missed the initial keynote, but managed to grab Don's early talk, which was quite fun, as Don's talks always are. One interesting thing mentioned in the talk is WSE 2.0 getting a new programming...

Teched Next Week

It turns out after all that I'll be attending TechEd next week after all! If anybody wants to get together and talk/have beer/rant or whatever let me know!