Congrats Ingo!

Ingo is now an MSDN RD! Congratulations my friend!

CLR Startup and Shutdown

Great article on the Startup and Shutdown of the CLR by Chris Brumme. Among other things, it containst what is probably the most detailed description so far of exactly what the Loader Lock problem with MC++ assemblies is. Be sure to check it out!


Just found out that Raymond Chen (of TweakUI fame) is blogging! Subscribed! A few years ago, Raymond used to post fairly often to some of the microsoft newsgroups, and I always found his posts very informative. Peter Torr (of JScript.NET fame) is also blogging now. So is Erik Meijer (of...

Buying Music online

Chris replays his poor experience buying music online with All I can say is: I'm a happy EMusic customer now. Granted, I only joined a couple of weeks ago, but it couldn't be easier, it has no stupid DRM to deal with, and the music collection is great. Then...

Indefinite Leave of Absence

  For various personal reasons, I have decided to take an leave of absence from blogging (as well as reading other blogs), mailing lists, the .NET scene (but not work), and speaking engagements (including INETA) for an indefinite period of time. I thank all my loyal readers and many friends...

Cool Job Add

You gotta love a job add that starts with the line "Some of the ugliest code in the industry goes through COM and COM+" :)

Happy Birthday Sam!

Congratulations, my dear friend Sam! Have a wonderful day!

Purpose-Agnostic data representations

Sean McGrath posted earlier today a reply to a message in the Service-Orientated-Architecture group that I think grasped a pretty significant idea: Purpose-agnostic data representations, and their value in SOAs and EAI (or just interoperability in general). The key sentence was: "The real trick with EAI I think, is to...

Generics and ASMX WebServices

Doug Purdy posted an interesting question a couple of weeks ago regarding generics in the upcoming releases of .NET and what possible impact they could have on the ASMX WebServices and Remoting models (with remoting being the fairly obvious answer). Being an opinionated and general trouble-making sould myself, I can't help but...

Whidbey SDR?

It seems a few people were last week at the Whidbey SDR in Redmond. Cool. Now my question is: What is the focus of such an SDR? Now, I'm not asking for what was specifically said during the SDR; I'm just curious whether what kinds of things where covered in...