USB Cable and phone

Found out today that the USB cable my digital camera came with can be directly used to connect my celphone to my computer. Go figure!

Funky Objects

I always thought this was just pretty funky: namespace System { class Object { } class A { public static void Main() { System.Console.WriteLine("Hola"); } } } </p> Hint: If you haven't cought it yet, compile, then check the resulting code with ILDASM. </p>

Dead Hard Drive

Around tuesday last week, my laptop's 20 gig harddrive started making really ugly noises (thumping really hard). I'd have the feeling it would be dead soon for a while, because of a few errors I'd spotted on the event log, so it came as no surprise. It was rather sad,...

VPC 2004

Earlier this week I upgraded to Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 from VPC 5.2. Looks pretty nice, and seems to be working fine. In fact, networking finally works right for me, so that by itself is a huge improvement! A few months ago, I reported about a conflict between VPC 5.2...

Env Vars

Craig Andera comments here on the use of environment variables. I use a technique similar to his, except I don't use no stinking registry key ;). Instead, what I have is a set of batch files that set the environment as I like it, one for each version of VS.NET...

Sam on MSDN

Way Cool! Sam's article is now online on MSDN! Check it out.


As an MSDN Universal Subscriber, I got a complete new sets of DVDs on my October shipment, since they changed the colors and coding of the DVD sets. The new schema is much better, and it makes it easy to organize DVDs and be sure what you need to replace...


I was finally able to go last night to the movies and watch Matrix Revolutions. Despite all the flack it's gotten, I gotta admit I enjoyed it quite a bit. Hell, I even liked Reloaded. Guess I'm not that picky about long action scenes :)

New Reading

I've been doing a bit of reading over the past couple of months, mostly literature (as opposed to technical books). Since my birthday, I've read Lord of the Rings III, Jan Guillou's Cruzades Trilogy part I, Colleen McCullough's Song of Troy, Stephen R. Lawhead's Merlin, and I'm currently going through...

COM+ and wrong framework version

Has someone else run across this? We've been seeing on some of our developer's machines a case where a COM+ server application running .NET Serviced Components compiled with v1.0 of the framework loads version v1.1 if that's also installed on the machine as well, which is obviously the wrong thing...