"Angellore revered at dusk For thee I rose, now descend all alone Rise for me, soothe my heart So wide a sea, may I overcome" -- Angellore - Tristania

WSContract First 0.3

Christian Weyer just released WSContract First 0.3. I'm happy to report that it is much improved over the previous version (of course, I was one of the pesky testers ;)). BTW, Christian, you should get updated! </p>

C++/CLI Migration Guide

Just in case no one has seen it, here's the Managed C++ to C++/CLI migration guide done by Stan Lippman. Definitely a must read!

Hosting WSE on ES

Christian and Benjamin talk about ways to host WSE from Enterprise Services (aka COM+) applications. Cool! I did this for fun a couple of months ago, but actually went further, and actually implemented on WSE 2.0 beta a channel implementation that drove the call through a ServicedComponent class in the...


Aaron asks if we believe in Contract-First. I sure do. BUT, he nailed it right on the head: It's very hard to do if you need to keep doing things by hand and avoiding the tools you use. It's extremely unproductive. Furthermore, the existing tools don't make it any easier...

Editable XPathDocument

This sucks. I want editable XPathDocument.

Continuing development of my MC++ FAQ?

I've been doing some thinking on what to do with my MC++ FAQ, specially given the fact that the language, as it is now, is pretty much dead in favor of the new C++/CLI (not that I complain, the new language is far far better than anything else :)). So,...

Sam's Portal

A little late to the game (sorry!) but I'd just thought I'd point some more people to my good friend Sam new .NET portal! Quite cool, and very worthwhile to check out!


Signs you're using the command line console too much: when you find yourself typing CLS on an msn messenger conversation to clear the screen. 'nough said.

Monotype Fonts

I've always liked searching around for nice monotype fonts to use with code editors and such, but they are pretty hard to come by... To this date, I still rely almost exclusively on good ol' Lucida Console, or, ocassionally, on Lucida Sans Typewriter. Looking around this morning, I found one...