Old Code Samples

While looking through some of my project directories today, found a few old samples I had written years ago. For the sake of it, decided to upload some of them to my dev section, although at this stage, I doubt anybody cares about it ;)

Tim Ewald's Musings

I totally love it that Tim Ewald now has the time to post more to his blog. I enjoy reading what he writes quite a lot. In particular, I love it how he approaches things I've been pondering on for a while and helps me clearly understand that I really...

BTS HTTP Request/Response and routing scenarios

Last week, while trying a few things at work with BizTalk server, we managed to get something up and running that I hadn't quite seen explicitly presented anywhere: using BTS as a router on an HTTP Request/Response escenario. <img src="/weblog/images/HttpRouter.gif"/> </p> Basically, it consisted of an Request/Response Receive Port hosting...

WS-SecureConversation and WebFarms

Chris Keyser just published an article on MSDN called "Managing Security Context Tokens in a Web Farm". Much needed information and one I'm personally very interested in. I do have to ask one thing... does anyone have any sort of metrics or whatever for when it might be useful to...


Just saw the movie with my girlfriend this afternoon and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Much better than I expected. While the movie does have a few flaws in the plot, it is quite entertaining and kept me on edge all throughout the film.

BizTalk and SOA

Aaron Skonnard talks about BizTalk Server and SOA. I fully agree here; the way BizTalk starts up (from the schema up) makes much more sense and it's a very nice paradigm to work with[1]. I found particularly interesting the link Aaron points to, where James Saull talks about how BizTalk...


The BtsCatalogExplorer class (the core part of the BizTalk Explorer Object Model) has an interesting looking SaveChangesWithTransaction() method that complements the regular SaveChanges(). What was not completely apparent to me was what this method expected as an argument. Digging around some, I could see that SaveChangesWithTransaction() expects as its argument...

Creating Ports in BizTalk Server 2004 Programatically

For a proof of concept I needed to start working on today at work involving BizTalk Server 2004, I needed a quick way to create a number of send ports (between 10 and 20), configured in a very specific manner each one (say, with a specific combination of filters and...


To complement my existing Managed C++ FAQ, I've started a new C++/CLI FAQ. It's very small right now, as I'm just getting started, but I hope it gets larger as I find the time to add a few more things to it. Hope someone finds it useful! </p>

New BizTalk Flat File Schema Tutorial

I've just uploaded a second tutorial on parsing Flat File schemas using BizTalk, using a few things I've been experimenting with as an example. Hope someone finds it useful!