CD Collection

Couple of days ago I finally put together, out of my CD collection a single CD with what I think it's best from my music collection. Of course, needless to say, a single CD was too small to fit it all :) But nevertheless, here's the list of bands I...

Blog's Look

I've been tweaking the blog's settings and looks today... Archive's finally seem to be working the way I want'em... for now at least

From the unknown-stds dept:

from the unknown-stds dept: While searching the ECMA site for the ECMAScript spec the other day, I ran into a really unexpected specification: "ECMA-234: Application Programming Interface for Windows (APIW)" This one really caught me by surprise! OK, did anybody else expect to find the Win3.1 API standarized? Please note...

Weblog Plunge

So I finally decided to start my own Weblog. It's kinda cool :) Be warned that I'll probably just ramble on and on, though! I'm currently doing heavy redesign and improvements on the new site, so don't hold on to bookmarks for now... chances are they'll change frequently. </p>