MC++ == Lisp?

Peter says "...I'm starting to think of Managed C++ as the Lisp of 2002...". Now, from the little LISP I've done, I can't tell whether this is meant to be a compliment or a curse ;-) So, Peter, would you care to enlighten us?

Cool Motto

You gotta love Casey Chesnut's motto: "Information wants to be free, exception handling costs money". <br/>Check out his comments on building more strongly typed datasets.

From the IDEs-are-for-wimps dept.:

I've been thinking about debuggers and IDEs for some time now, and I've come to one conclusion: IDE and graphical debuggers suck. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good editor and good IDE, and most certainly a good debugger, but I've noticed that people seem to rely too...

Advanced .NET Remoting

My copy of Ingo's Advanced .NET Remoting finally got here! Whoohoo!


Chris Sells has posted a very cool Custom Tool AddIn for VS.NET that generates type-safe collections classes called CollectionGen. Be sure to get it!


While browsing around today I found out that one of the best computer-related magazines I've ever read is not longer being published. The magazine was Server/Workstation Expert (formerly known as SunExpert Magazine). It's a crying shame, really, cause it had, imho, wonderful writers! So, if you feel like doing some...

Sam's musings on SciFi books

Sam's musings on SciFi books made me think again about my all-time favorite SciFi books of all times. My personal favorites would be, after some hard choices, the entire Dune Saga (Frank Herbert) and Isaac Asimov's The End of Eternity. Among shorter SciFi stories, one I particularly liked (although I'm...

New CDs

This afternoon I went looking around our local Tower Records store and came out with two new CDs for my music collection. This time the turn was for Amorphis - Tuonela and for My Dying Bride - Like Gods of the Sun. </p>

VC++.NET and Unmanaged Debugging

John Lam recently commented that the managed debugger on VC++.NET cannot evaluate pointers on managed code. He's right on the money, of course, and I just ran into this limitation a couple of days ago. His idea of using #pragma unmananged directives to ensure the relevant code is compiled as...

Managed WSSPI

I've got most of the basic WSSPI managed wrapper already built, and I'm adding a few NUnit tests. <br/> The lousy part is that lost a good hour trying to find out why the managed wrapper didn't work, while the unmanaged code did, only to find out that it was...