RSS Feed

I've noticed quite a few people are still subscribed to the RSS feed Peter generates from scraping my site. I totally appreciate Peter's effort in doing so, but since I now generate my own RSS feeds (both in RSS 0.91 and RDF format), it would probably be a good idea...


The SOFTWARE registry hive on my Windows XP machine just went kapputt..... again. This is the second time it happens in less than two months. I'm so going to enjoy reinstalling eveything from scratch.... ohh, well... At least tomorrow's a holiday here. </p>

New Friends

I finally added Serdar's and Drew's blogs to my links ;) Sorry guys, but I hadn't had the time to modify my template before today!

Netscape Crashing

Lately it has come to my attention that rendering my weblog's page on some versions of Netscape Navigator cause it to crash. I've verified this to happen with at least two versions of Netscape on two different platforms, so I presume this is one of those ugly bug in the...

NAnt Tasks merged into NAntContrib

I've now contributed all the source code from my NAnt BuildTasks into a new SourceForge based project called NAntContrib. The idea is to keep NAntContrib as a playground for NAnt Tasks in development, and I think it will develop quite nicely! </p>


I've been working this weekend on improving my NUnitReport XSLT Template for NAnt, and while doing so, ran into some hard-to-solve problem (hard to me, at least) using keys and trying to find some unique values. While looking for a solution, I ran into Dave Pawson's XSL FAQ, which gave...

A .NET RSS Aggregator?

It seems Justin Rudd and Brad Wilson have been discussing building a .NET RSS aggregator and blogging tool. Cool. We've discussed this topic in the past in Brad's forum, and it's certainly one I'd love to help with if they decide to open it out by any chance... I currently...

Old Archives Back Online

I think I've got the old blogger-based archives back online, so that existing links to them should work. Can anybody do any additional checks and tell me if it works alright for you?

New NAnt Tasks

I've just uploaded a new set of NAnt tasks that you can use to enhance your NAnt-based buildscripts. The most useful one, imho, is NUnitReport. Check them out!

Moved to Movable Type

The basic move to Movable Type is done. The old archives are still offline and can't be accessed using the existing URLs, although all content has been succesfuly imported into MT. I hope to have this resolved soon.... (or at least some sort of solution implemented)