New MC++ FAQ

So, I've finally gone ahead and started a new Managed C++ FAQ site. Being the lazy bastard I am, I just created a new MT blog on my site, so the FAQ is going to have somewhat of a weird format. OTOH, the benefits are categorization (not done... yet), and...


I would so like one of these or these

More on WSIL

Simon says: "The main difference is that the spec has both IBM & Microsoft's name on the cover.". Humm... wasn't the original DISCO spec written by MS, IBM and Ariba? </p>


Timothy Appnel on WSIL. OK, so I must be missing something.... How's this different from the old DISCO again? Can anyone explain? Simon? </p>

Modest Sam

Sam Ruby says: "His description of me however is, shall we say, a wee bit over the top. I consider myself more of a teambuilder / cheerleader." I'd like to point out that such a role can be just as important, as well. In fact, in some cases, it is...

More on MC++ FAQ

Sam says: "Judging from how much you helped me during the book, I bet you and I could start one. How about it?". I thought about it, but Charles wrote me and said he had been working on one for the past few days... However, I'm thinking we all probably...


Has anyone seen a Managed C++ FAQ anywhere on the net? I haven't noticed any and was kind of curious about it. I'd love it if someone were to point me to one, if it exists. If not, I've been thinking about getting one up and running... I think there...


Chris Kinsman: "I am so fed up with Visual SourceSafe that I tried to install CVS over the weekend. I got it working by and large but talk about a painful process." I'm no CVS expert, either, but I learned enough in a couple of days to get around doing...

Book Suggestions

I'm looking into buying a few more books, as I received a few nice Amazon gift certificates for my graduation (in case you really want to know, I'm finally getting my bachellor's degree tomorrow!). So I'm really looking for some good suggestions on which books to get, and which books...

Sam & Reviewing

Sam Gentile: "BTW, Tomas was a Technical Reviewer on my Visual C++.NET book and was a huge resource!!". Thanks, Sam! I gotta say, working with you was a real pleasure, and I'm quite happy about how your work turn out! Keep up the good work! </p>