Chris Kinsman: "I am so fed up with Visual SourceSafe that I tried to install CVS over the weekend. I got it working by and large but talk about a painful process." I'm no CVS expert, either, but I learned enough in a couple of days to get around doing...

Book Suggestions

I'm looking into buying a few more books, as I received a few nice Amazon gift certificates for my graduation (in case you really want to know, I'm finally getting my bachellor's degree tomorrow!). So I'm really looking for some good suggestions on which books to get, and which books...

Sam & Reviewing

Sam Gentile: "BTW, Tomas was a Technical Reviewer on my Visual C++.NET book and was a huge resource!!". Thanks, Sam! I gotta say, working with you was a real pleasure, and I'm quite happy about how your work turn out! Keep up the good work! </p>

New Books

My copies of John Cough's "Compiling for the .NET Common Language Runtime" and Martin Fowler's "Refactoring" just arrived... Great!

MC++ and IL Optimizations

Charles Cook on IL optmizations performed by the Managed C++ compiler: "I've not not seen any mention of this elsewhere. Maybe its just a rumour put about by the VC++ team :-)" Not at all, actually. The MC++ compiler does indeed run the generated code thorugh the backend optimizer, doing...

NAnt CVS Tasks

While commenting on an entry in Brad's blog, I said that I'd be interested in working on the CVS tasks for NAnt. Problem is, I don't really have much free time to do so, nor am I a CVS expert, and I've already got my hands full working on midl...

ASP.NET WebMatrix

As most of you already know by now, the ASP.NET WebMatrix (formerly known as Saturn) technology preview was released a couple days ago. I downloaded it today and I must say I'm quite impressed by it! It's small, it's very fast, and seems to have some pretty cool features. As...

More on XSLT Extension Objects

Drew: Regarding ResetableIterator, I'd certainly call it a flaw. It kind of defeats the purpose of having those nice abstract classes and interfaces in the first place. As for returning XPathNodeIterator instances from your extension functions, I had already tried it, and as you say, it sure works. My real...

New Blogger

I've added Brian Graf's System.Error.Emit blog to my links. Welcome Brian!

Unexpected Referrers

Here's something I wasn't expecting to see: How did The International Atomic Energy Agency website find its way into my referrer logs? ;)