Matt's Baby Girl

Congratulations to Matt on his Baby Girl. My best wishes go to him and his family.

Font Sizes Redux

Drew says: "The font-family should not matter". I wished. That has, unfortunately, not been my experience. The basic problem with Verdana and IE is that the differences between one relative size and the next are sometimes Huge, which makes them using very annoying. I'm definitely following Brad's advice of using...

Font Sizes

Dave Sieber wrote me today about my MC++ FAQ saying: "The font sizes are hard-coded on your page, which really bothers me. Kind of defeats the purpose of HTML, which goes to great lengths to provide visual flexibility for the viewer. Try it: in IE, choose View | Text Size...


Charles says: "The MC++ FAQ should follow sometime soon. While working on this I discovered another CLR feature supported by MC++ and not by C# (see earlier entry here) but again its not going to cause a rush to MC++. You'll have to read the FAQ to find out what...

.NET ES book

So Clemens Vasters is working on a .NET Enterprise Services Book. Cool! That's one book I'd love to read. Unfortunately, it's been quite a while since I've had a chance to practice my German, I probably wouldn't understand most of the book (yes, he's publishing it in German).


Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: Spanish, Colombia, Medellin, Poblado, Tomas, Male, 21-25!

OSS Licences?

Regarding my Open Source Musings, Jason Diamond says: "His conclusion that the ASF == Good and the FSF == Bad is hardly fair or even logical. There's plenty of bad code out there for every type of license". Ahh, but I wasn't talking about the licenses when I said that!...

Open Source Musings

John Lam posted a couple of days ago some comments on Open Source. That finally got me started on putting together some of my opinions on Open Source. First of all, I gotta say I'm somewhat ambivalent when it comes to Open Source Software. However, I can say this for...

Congrats Sam!

Congratulations are in order for Sam, both for getting his weblog back up, and the new Gentile baby coming!


Has Brad been bitten by RPFH [1], or what? His page has been blank for a few hours now... [1] RPFH: "Radio Publish From Hell", otherwise known as the "Weblog act of dissapearing". </p>