The Sealed Crusade

Our favorite all around geek rants this week on the use of sealed. Sorry, Chris, but I beg to differ. I consider sealing a powerful abstraction. Sure, it limits the possibility of using extension by derivation, but so what? In many cases, it doesn't make much sense to derive at...

NAnt dead?

Justin Gehtland seems to think that NAnt is dead, because no new releases have been done since June last year. He's right about us not having done any new releases, but not because the project is dead, at all! NAnt has matured quite a bit, and certainly a release is...

Portable Sound

This has got to be the coolest portable MP3 player I've seen. It really looks way nice (and given the quality of Bang & Olufsen's players I've heard, it's probably pretty good).

Heather Ashley Gentile

WooHoo! She's arrived! What else is there to say? I'm soo glad everything went well, Sam! Congratulations to you and Sue on the new member of the family! </p>

Names, ohh, Names!

I feel like an idiot! After moaning about people writing my name incorrectly, Jeroen Frijters tells me I have his name written incorrectly on my blogroll! Boy, this is downright embarassing... Now that I fixed it, I can go back and crawl under a rock.... </p>

Depending on

"Today my advice is to avoid learning how it works, because it's gonna change, and you don't want to be depending on the behavior of any given collector" [Jason Whittington]. Am I the only one who draws a distinction between knowing how something works, and writing code that explicitly depends...

What's in a name?

A name. What's in a simple name? Could be tons, could be nothing. But when it is a person's name, it probably has. Now, I've been called many things. I've seen my name distorted all kinds of ways. And you know what? I usually don't mind it much, particularly because...

Catching Up

Ahh, it's good to be back home.... just got back from spending a nice week in beatiful Aruba :) I'm just starting to catch up from all that's happened in the newsgroups, weblogs, and, of course, work!

Messaging Framework

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to the idea of a messaging framework for server applications. What I'd like to have is a framework on top of which one could build applications that rely heavily on messaging, whether this means messaging queues, REST-style interactions over HTTP, or WebServices...

Electronic Music

Went through the local Tower Records store this afternoon, and after much ruffling around, found something I liked in the electronic music section. Paul Oakenfold's bunkka. I'm very picky about electronic music, and overall, I didn't like Oakenfold's work much, but I really enjoyed some of the tracks on this...