Niels' Back

Looks like Niels Berglund is back in the land of the living bloggers. Yeay! Let's hope he stays a while :)

6th Day Violation

Seems like I've been cloned. Any idea what this site is, and why it seems to have an almost complete copy of my website? UPDATE: Seems I'm not the only one to have been bitten by this... </p>

Schema Revelation

I've been trying to gather ideas before I try prototyping an idea that I've been wondering about for the last few days. To do that, I've been doing a few tests with the SOM implementation in the System::Xml::Schema namespace in .NET, and I've comed to a simple revelation (probably a...

The Loader Lock Issue

If you're using Managed C++, read and understand this. It's big, it's important, and worthwhile to keep in mind.

Joining the InfoPath bandwagon

I finished downloading InfoPath yesterday from MSDN Subscriber downloads, but with deadlines due today, I haven't had time to give it the spin it deserves... yet. I must admit, though, that what little I've seen has quite impressed me, and I find the concept very interesting and with a lot...

Congrats Simon!

A day late, but Congratulations Simon! (At least, I'm assuming it meant yesterday was your birthday!)

Incorrect SC Registration

While fooling this afternoon at work with IProcessInitializer, I found an interesting problem with the registration code in the .NET Framework v1.0. Consider the following snippet: using System; using System.Diagnostics; using System.EnterpriseServices; using System.Reflection; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; using System.Runtime.CompilerServices; [ assembly: AssemblyVersion(""), AssemblyKeyFile("procint.snk"), ApplicationActivation(ActivationOption.Server), ApplicationID("797fb7f8-d223-4d33-8f6c-be6fa27d42a4"), ApplicationName("ProcInitializerTest") ] namespace Winterdom.Samples.ComPlus { [...

Into the Twilight Zone

Courtesy of Doug Harrison (fellow VC++ MVP): #using using namespace System; public __delegate void Del(); __gc struct A { void f() { Console::WriteLine(S"A::f()\nTypeIs: {0}", this->GetType()); } }; __gc struct B { void f() { Console::WriteLine(S"B::f()\nTypeIs: {0}", this->GetType()); } }; int main() { Del* s = new Del(new B(), &A::f); s();...

KeithBa's Book

I've been reading this week Keith Ballinger's new book, ".NET Web Services: Architecture and Implementation" (courtesy of a friend). So far, I'm only up to chapter 12, but I've learned quite a few things I wasn't aware of. I specially like how Keith puts everything together and explains things in...

SWC and XP

Christian Weyer asks why Services Without Components is broken on Windows XP. I don't know the exact details of it, but I do know a few things I found out after lurking a while. Keep in mind that last time I took a look at this was a few months...