Ingo and DM

Woohoo! Ingo's done it! Congratulations, my friend! Well deserved, imho, and a great addition to the DM family (this said from someone who's never been to a DM course...)

RPC vs. Messaging

Yasser has been battling the RPC vs. Messaging debate with Chris Kinsman. Plenty of interesting comments. But please bear with this Web Services newbie [1] while I try to present some of my thoughts on the matter, and hopefully clear some things up for myself... </p> I totally agree with...

xsd.exe /c schema.xsd

Simon asks: ", how do I configure VS.NET to run xsd.exe /c schema.xsd?" The answer: You use Chris' XsdClassesGen </p>

A Java Book?

While looking for a new book to start reading today, I reached into my bookshelf and grabbed Brett McLaughlin's Building Java Enterprise Applications, Volume I: Architecture. Yes, a Java book. I don't really do much Java nowadays, but there's plenty going on in the Java world to learn from. And...

DM-Hosted Weblogs Down?

Is it just me? Or is anyone else noticing the same thing?

XML Schema Book

Just finished reading Eric van der Vlist's XML Schema book. While a little dry, I did managed to learn a few new things on XML schema, so it was a very worthwhile read.

Night of the Living Dead

It seems they keep coming back. This time, it looks like Mike Deem might start blogging again..... perhaps.

Niels' Back

Looks like Niels Berglund is back in the land of the living bloggers. Yeay! Let's hope he stays a while :)

6th Day Violation

Seems like I've been cloned. Any idea what this site is, and why it seems to have an almost complete copy of my website? UPDATE: Seems I'm not the only one to have been bitten by this... </p>

Schema Revelation

I've been trying to gather ideas before I try prototyping an idea that I've been wondering about for the last few days. To do that, I've been doing a few tests with the SOM implementation in the System::Xml::Schema namespace in .NET, and I've comed to a simple revelation (probably a...