Here are some of the things I've created and some articles for the .NET platform.


This is a simple library that wraps the Win32 Memory Mapped File services.
Update: This is an old snapshot of the code. For the most recent code, get it directly from the GitHub repository.

FileMap patch to suport dynamic paging

This is a patch to the FileMap library provided by Steve Simpson to support Dynamic paging of the view stream
so that as you read forward and backwards it automatically maps/unmaps views of the file as needed.


This is a simple VS.NET AddIn that provides commands to clean a C# or VB.NET
project's outputs.

Errata for my MSDN Article on MC++

This is a list of issues and errors I've found related to my Managed C++
article on MSDN Magazine.

A remoting sample in MC++ that implements a well known singleton type.

Additional NAnt Tasks

A few extra NAnt tasks you can use in your buildscripts.

Managed Custom COM+ Surrogate

A simple COM+ Example showing how to call CoRegisterSurrogateEx().

C++/CLI with WSE 3.0 sample

A sample server and client built in C++/CLI showing the use of WSE 3.0.


A sample Color Picker utility.


A simple command line utility to copy your Visual Studio 2005 color scheme over to SQL Server Management Studio.