A few days ago, I wrote about Themes coming to Viasfora in v3.6. One of the issues that some users will face is that I had to make a breaking change to fix something I was unhappy about for a long time: The classification names used by Viasfora were very inconsistent.

Renaming classification names means that when you update from v3.5 to v3.6, you will lose any customizations made to editor colors used by Viasfora. You can customize everything by hand again, but this can be very annoying. Ewen Wallace noticed this yesterday.

So to minimize the impact of having to go to this, I made a simple PowerShell script that can help you when upgrading. You can find the full code for the script in a GitHub gist.

To use this script and migrate your custom colors, do the following:

  • In Visual Studio, use the Tools -> Import and Export Settings menu option.
  • Select the default Export selected environment settings option.
  • Deselect everything, and only mark Options / Environment / Fonts and Colors
  • Select the destination file name and export your settings.

Once you’ve exported your settings to a .vssettings file, download the PowerShell Script, and save it as a .PS1 file.

  • Open a new PowerShell console
  • Execute the script like this:
.\Convert-ViasforaTheme.ps1 -VSSettings "path_to_vssettings_file" -ThemeFile "path_to_new_theme_file"

The result will be a JSON file that you can then import into Viasfora from the Tools -> Options -> Viasfora -> Import/Export.

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.