I’ve been doing some work recently with the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) API in Windows; particularly with the Kerberos package. I had used SSPI a lot before (see my WSSPI library for stuff I did with it years ago), but it had been mostly done with NTLM and not much of Kerberos.

Overall, using Kerberos is not much different from NTLM. However, one thing I kept running into that kept me chasing ghosts was getting a SEC_E_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY error code from my calls to InitializeSecurityContext().

All the documentation says about the error is “There is not enough memory available to complete the requested action”, but I was pretty sure all my buffer handling was correct and had enough space to receive the generated token.

After beating my head against this and coming up to it time and time and again, I realized one condition that would trigger this: An incorrect Service Principal Name! Particularly, in my case, it would be an SPN without the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the target service host.

I’m putting this on just so that I have a clue what to watch out for next time it comes up!

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.