I’ve been reading a bit about the Axum project from Microsoft, and I’m finding it pretty interesting. I’m just skimming the surface and to be honest I can’t say I understand much yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to play with it some more and get a better idea of its capabilities.

I think language/runtimes like this hold great potential for the applications that require a lot of concurrency, which should be more and more common in the future, so very much looking forward to what this develops into.

Unfortunately, right after installing the technology preview, I realized that the current Visual Studio package seems to be basically unusable for those of us liking dark themes, as it looks like this:


I couldn’t see any new options in the Font & Colors settings in Visual Studio that I could tweak to improve this, but I do hope they get added; this is just too painful :).

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.