As I commented back in December, I “fixed” the hibernate functionality in Ubuntu 8.10 on my Dell Latitude D820 by making sure there was an active swap partition configured for the resume functionality.

This wasn’t quite true, however. Hibernate seemed to work. but occasionally (about 33% of the time), it would seem as if the machine would restart when trying to resume from hibernation. I didn’t look into this for a while, but it was certainly annoying.

I did figure out what was going on eventually: The machine was actually coming out of hibernation just fine, but X was restarting. I realized this after noticing some live gnu screen sessions running in the background right after coming from hibernation.

So that pretty much meant the problem had to be related to issues with the NVidia video driver, and the fix was something I had already tried in the past: Adjusting /etc/default/acpi-support:


I did this a couple weeks ago, and haven’t run into the resume problem since. Hopefully next time I will remember it when I reinstall the OS instead of fumbling with it for weeks!

Tomas Restrepo

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