One of my development Virtual Machines has Visual Studio 2008 installed with SP1. For several reasons, I had not done a complete installation originally, but only certain pieces of it, like Visual C# and Visual Web Developer and some of the Team Developer tools.

A couple days ago turned out that it would’ve been really nice to also have Visual C++ install as well. I figured I could probably install the missing pieces and then apply SP1 again.

When I tried to do this, however, ran into a snag: I fired up the Visual Studio 2008 setup again, went into Add/Remove components and then, when the setup was initializing, I got an error to the effect that some components could not be loaded, and installation would cancel.

After trying a few times I gave up, started an older copy of the VM I had without SP1 installed and so was able to work around it after all, but still, I’m a bit curious. Has anyone else seen this? Is setup just foobar’ed after the installation of SP1?

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.