A few days ago the second beta release of Vim 7.2 came out and I decided to give it a try. Seems to be working great so far, and I'm pretty excited about this release for a couple of reasons:

  1. Performance Improvements: Under Windows, Vim 7.1 had some  performance problems, particularly related to redrawing the screen. This was particularly noticeable when scrolling large windows with syntax highlighted code with the mouse wheel, and when redrawing the [omni-] completion menu.
    The former feels much snappier, even with long lines, while the second appears to be fixed altogether!
  2. Floating Point support: I don't create much Vim scripts myself, but I'm excited by some of the possibilities this opens up for scripts I may use. One example of this is Yukihiro Nakadaira's HueRotation script.
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