I've been using Vim to edit my PowerShell scripts for a while. I get full syntax highlighting and indentation thanks to Peter Provost's excellent scripts:

These work great most of the time, but a couple of things had been nagging me for a while:

  1. I occasionally enable syntax-based folding (:set foldmethod=syntax), but the PS1 syntax file doesn't enable this for blocks "{...}" in PowerShell scripts.
  2. The indent file always forces comments (#...) to start at the first column.

Fortunately, both of these issues are pretty easy to fix. To enable syntax-based folding, I just modified the syntax file to add this:

" support folding for blocks
syntax region  psBlock      start="{" end="}" transparent fold

To disable the comment indentation, I edited the Indent file and remove the # character as an indent key:

setlocal cindent cinoptions& cinoptions+=+0 cinkeys-=0#

Seems to be working fine for me, and it will now stop driving me crazy :-).

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