Nick Heppleston wrote a very nice piece on using my PipelineTesting library to test BizTalk Pipeline Components in isolation. Thanks for the kind words, Nick; they are much appreciated!

I wrote PipelineTesting for my own needs; I spend a substantial amount of my BizTalk development time working with schemas, pipelines and custom pipeline components, and frankly, it's a drag having to continually deploy or trying to use the very simplistic tools that BizTalk provides out of the box for this.

The time I've saved using PipelineTesting to test my own components has made up for the time I've spent developing the tool many times over already, but it's fantastic seeing other people liking it and using it for their own projects.

If anyone else has been using the library, I'd love to know about it! And of course, I'm always open to suggestions, bug reports or wishes and I'll do my best to incorporate them to the next releases.

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