Here's some music I've recently gotten my hands on:

  • Dokken: From Conception - Live 1981. Dokken playing live at its best. It's also my second Dokken live album, as I already owned their Live from the Sun album.
  • Edguy: Hellfire Club. Edguy's always a fun band; several good tracks in this one like "We don't need a Hero", "King of fools" and my favorite, "Navigator".
  • Kamelot: Ghost Opera. A solid album, as most of previous Kamelot works.
  • Diabolique: Black Sun Collection. This is a double album combining their Wedding the Grotesque and The Black Flower albums, though the second one is far more polished and a lot better overall (I particularly liked songs like "Dark Rivers of the Heart", "Yesmine" and "Play in the dark". I also own their Butterflies album which is one of my favorites around.
  • Freedom Call: Eternity. It's an ok album, but clearly not their best.
  • Iron Maiden: No Prayer for the Dying. I had a copy of this album many many years ago and lost it, and ran into it a couple of weeks ago at Tower Records and got it. The only reason they're carrying this stuff is because Iron Maiden is giving a concert in Bogota soon, though I won't be attending :-(.
  • Winger: IV. Didn't really expect to get this one, given that I was never really a Winger fan, but it actually has a few really good songs, like "Four Leaf Clover".
  • David Shankle Group: Ashes to Ashes. Interesting album, though somewhat of a mixed bag. So far I'm liking "The Widow's Peak" the best.
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