Ending last week, my friend John Lam pushed a big set of IronRuby and DLR changes into the public IronRuby SVN repository (announcement). These include some of the initial changes in the Dynamic Language Runtime Infrastructure.

I'm still going through the new bits, but from what I can see so far, most of what I wrote on my previous article on Hosting the DLR is still essentially OK.

One change I did notice was that the CompileFile() method of the ScriptEngine class now return an object implementing IScriptScope. Seems IScriptModule/ScriptModule were mostly renamed to IScriptScope/ScriptScope, though some vestiges of the old Module concept seem to remain yet around.

Obviously there are a lot more changes in the internal implementation of Microsoft.Scripting, but that was the only one that I noticed that impacted my previous article.

I'll keep posting as new changes are committed, and I'll post a complete, more detailed article on DLR hosting once the code is more stable.

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