A few months ago I signed up again for emusic. The plans are not as good as they used to be, but they are still fairly cheap, and there was tons of new music I wanted to try out. Also helped that finding good music here, particularly if you like Metal, is no easy task.

Here are some of the albums I've recently bought:

  • Amorphis: Eclipse
  • Axel Rudy Pell: Nasty Reputation
  • Iron Savior: Megatropolis
  • Metal Church: A Light in the Dark
  • Russell Allen / Jorn Lande: The Battle
  • Serenity: Worlds Untold & Dreams Unlived
  • Sonata Arctica: Unia
  • Sunterra: Graceful Tunes
  • Therion: Gothic Kabala
  • Thought Chamber: Angular Perceptions
  • Throes of Dawn: Quicksilver Clouds
  • Tiesto: Parade of the Athletes
  • TNT: Transistor
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