If you're writing code in a programming language derived from C (i.e. one of those with pesky curly braces), where do you like putting your braces?

Some people like putting the opening brace on a line by itself right after the declaration/statement:


I'm one of those that usually does this. It just was something I got used to from my C/C++ days and since it was the common convention in .NET back when I started fiddling around with it in 2000/2001. So this is usually what I use when coding on C#.

However, other people like to put the opening brace inline with the declaration/statement:


This question is brought to you courtesy of me noticing that IronRuby favors the "inline opening brace" style.

Actually, I use the inline-opening-brace style myself when I'm working with Java. I don't mind it, but it somehow seems wrong sometimes. I mean, using different styles when working across two languages so similar? I mean, I already have enough trouble remembering stuff like string vs. String and ToLower() vs toLowerCase() to worry about how the code looks ;-).

Historical Note: A few years back I used to be weirder and used a mixed style where I used braces-on-next-line for some things and inline-opening-brace for others depending on what it was and how many lines were in between the opening and closing braces. Yes, I was (am?) anal like that. I finally gave up on it when I grew tired of fighting the auto-formatting rules in IDEs.

What style do you favor, and why?

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