Here's another Color Scheme for Visual Studio 2005. This one has a dark (almost black) background, but high contrast, playful colors for the most common uses:


It's also my most complete color scheme yet, as it includes very usable configurations not only for the usual (Code, XML, HTML and CSS) but also for things like XSLT/XSD and MDX (and works very nicely for SQL, as well).


This time, I'm using Damien Guard's Envy Code R Preview 6 for my font, which I've found extremely usable and very nice. It has very distinctive features, and contrary to what I expected from Damien's comments about it being mostly oriented to use at small font sizes, I found it very good at 15pt. And I love his "Visual Studio" special version (which I'm using for this color scheme) that presents "bold" fonts using italics instead! The only thing that I do think could be better is the '#' symbol, which, I think, seems too small.

Download Enjoy!

Update: Download the Visual Studio 2008 version here.

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