I've been playing lately with Cardspace and I really like the concept. Implementing Cardspace, server-side on a web site, is not all that hard. I started playing with this and using the TokenProcessor.cs code found in some of the Cardspace samples makes it fairly easy to get started. The code is ugly and somewhat poorly written, but it does the trick if you just want to get started in a hurry.

What I do not quite get is... why wasn't a basic token processor that you can use to implement Cardspace-based authentication on  a web application included as part of the Cardspace APIs in System.IdentityModel? Keep in mind, even the simple token processor included in the samples is well over 400 lines of code including the whole token decryption code.

So, any ideas? just why isn't this ohh so basic stuff already built into .NET 3.0?

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