I've been a bit busy lately and with a lot of things on my mind and I've neglected this poor blog for a few weeks now. I promise I'll pick back up soon and I've got some ideas for some future posts, but they will have to wait for a better moment. Meanwhile, here's an assorted list of thoughts and links:

  • If you have to create Office Add-Ins using .NET, then give these guys a serious look. Their documentation isn't too good, but the stuff works very nicely, it's not hard to pick up, supports several Office versions, and, as far as I can see, beats the crap out of using VSTO.
  • JetBrain's UnitRun Visual Studio Add-In for running unit tests is pretty decent overall and I use it quite a bit. It's obviously not quite as full featured Jamie Cansdale's TestDriven.Net, but that's OK. Big downside? Becomes useless as soon as you have an [ExpectedException] attribute somewhere.
  • My good friend Sam Gentile continues his series of posts on Windows Workflow Foundation. Sounds like Sam finally saw the light and gave up on those pesky HandleExternalEvent and CallExternalMethod activities ;-).
  • Be suspicious if you find that running an entire suite of tests in the NUnit GUI tool takes significantly less time than you know just one of the integration tests included in the suite should take. I'm still not sure why I'm seeing this, though...
  • If you want to add me to your MSN Messenger contact list using the address on my blog, and you're not sure if I would recognize your address, please shoot me an email first. I'm happy to add new contacts I've got stuff in common with, but unless I can quickly find out who you are and why I should add you to my contact list, I'll probably just end up blocking you.

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