On friday, I moved winterdom.com's email over to Google Apps. The switch was actually very painless, mostly consisting of just a few steps:

  • Sign up with Google Apps
  • Modify the default Google Apps URLs for the domain in the control panel
  • Create DNS entries for email and other stuff.

It's been working pretty nicely so far, and the whole change took efect within a half hour of having signed up and making the DNS changes. I really don't care much about the calendar and other stuff, mostly about email. The reason being two-fold: a) my host's email, while it usually worked, ocassionally went offline and usually was very slow for receiving and sending messages over POP3 and SMTP and b) I was just getting too much spam, and gmail's filters are very effective, which is a big plus.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the change :-).

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