After my past couple of posts on Text Editors (which turned out to be fairly popular by the way), quite a few people suggested I tried e-TextEditor. I had already mentioned that I knew about it but had not actually tried it, so I decided to give it a quick spin to the trial download today and see how I liked it.

Unfortunately, here's how e-TextEditor looks on my development Virtual Machine:

Yep. The editing window never gets fully repainted so I just stare at the background all the time. Well, actually I can see the caret blink and move around when I type, but that's about it.

Hard to try it when you can't see what you type in it, but hopefully it is just a funky bug that will get fixed in a future beta. I did look around the support forums a bit but didn't see anything too obvious that looked like my problem. I'll look at it again later on when perhaps the problem has been corrected. 

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