Today was the final day of the MVP summit. I had a great time! It's always great to meet a people face to face, and during the last couple of days I got to finally meet in person Scott Colestock, Harry Pierson, Gregory van der Wiele (the only other user of my PipelineTesting library I know of!), Alan Smith, Jesus Rodriguez, Mick Badran, Abhilash M.S., Steve Swartz and a lot of other people.

We also got the chance to interact a lot with the product teams; not only with the BizTalk team but also from other teams within the Connected Systems Division, particularly during last night's dinner. I'd like to take the opportunity to publicly thank Marjan Kalantar (Community Program Manager for BizTalk Server) and Clemens Vasters for putting together a great set of sessions for us and taking fantastic care of us while visiting at Microsoft!

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