Apparent, I missed quite a few interesting text editors in my previous entry. I haven't used any of these, but quite a few look interesting enough to make me want to try them:

  • e-Text Editor: An interesting new editor (in beta) supporting TextMate bundles on Windows. The screencast looks pretty impressive.
  • ED for Windows: Seems to be almost a complete IDE. In fact, the interface resembles the old Developer Workbench (the Visual C++ 5/6 IDE). I'm guessing this one probably won't fall under the "lightweight" category...
  • ConTEXT: This seems to be an interesting offering halfway between a simple editor and full-blown IDE. Doesn't seem to be quite as extensible as other editors (which is fine by me) and I couldn't find if it supports syntax highlighting for C# (a must).
  • Intype: I've already mentioned this one before. Not very lightweight, as it has no xcopy deployment support (a shame, really, cause it is very promising).
  • EmEditor: Seems to have a significant feature set. The website could be improved, though...

Found this while going through a thread on the topic in Joel On Software's forums. Lots of opinions to read :-)

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