If you're interested in using RSS to do more than simply publishing your blog, like taking advantage of it to integrate your applications, then you ought to take a look at /n software's RSSBus platform, which recently reached Beta 4. It's a really cool piece of technology with lots of connectors and the best part is that extending it is incredibly easy.

Basically, RSSBus provides a way to create connectors that generate RSS feeds with whatever you like (from bringing in a real RSS feed from another site, to keeping track of the most recently updated customer contacts in your CRM), and then provides a simple scripting language that allows you to manipulate those feeds in whatever way you like. The introduction whitepaper tells it best, so go check it out.

And speaking of BizTalk adapters, it's worth noting as well that /n software released back in October Version 2.0 of their BizTalk Server Adapter Suite, which includes AS2, Secure FTP (SFTP and FTPS), RSS, SSH, Secure SMTP/POP/IMAP, SMPP, SNPP, XMPP adapters and more. Lots of good stuff here. Somehow I had missed on reporting this one!

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