I'm currently spending some time getting acquainted with the WCF Channel model as I'm starting to write an experimental transport channel for something I'm playing with. It's been quite an interesting experience, and I thought I might share what I learn as I go along in a series of small articles here.

I'm not going to post a step by step explanation of how to build a transport channel (others have already done so, see below), but rather focus more on specific things I find interesting and clear up things I find confusing as I go along.


One of the first things I did was look around the net for resources on the WCF Channel model and samples. A lot of the documentation around blogs on this topic is fairly old and talks about early implementations of the channel model which are not correct anymore, though I still found some good stuff even there.

Here are some of the articles and documentation which I've found more useful so far:

Here are some of the samples that I've found:

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