Two new articles just got published to MSDN covering the Tracking facilities in Windows Workflow Foundation in great detail.

The first one is "Windows Workflow Foundation: Tracking Services Introduction", by David Gristwood, and provides a high-level introduction to what Tracking is and how it works in WF. It also shows how to instrument (add tracking) to a workflow and a brief example of how to use SqlTrackingQuery on your app to read the information written by the workflow tracking service. Towards the end, the article discusses Tracking Profiles and what they do.

The second article is "Windows Workflow Foundation: Tracking Services Deep Dive" by Ranjesh Jaganathan, and this one focuses on the underpinings of the tracking facilities. One thing I liked here was the whole discussion about how profiles, trackpoints and locations are related to one another, as they provide a clear overview of how it works for anyone wanting to create custom tracking profiles, as well as how to use Extracts in your trackpoints to extract the data you want tracked from your workflow and activity instances.

Tomas Restrepo

Software developer located in Colombia.