I used to be an EMusic subscriber for a long time and enjoyed it very much. However, I unsubscribed a while ago because I wasn't finding too much music I liked (though there seems to be quite a bit of new music since then) and because I was at one of the top plans and they had no way to downgrade to a cheaper plan (what's with that?).

Today I got an email from EMusic about a promotion: Rejoin now and get 1 free month. I thought that might be cool and perhaps a time to sign up again. That is, until I look at the small letter:

"Starting on November 21st, eMusic will begin offering new plan options to new and reactivating subscribers. Our prices for Basic, Plus, and Premium subscriptions will remain the same, however eMusic Basic will have 30 monthly downloads (formerly 40), eMusic Plus will have 50 downloads (formerly 65) and eMusic Premium will have 75 downloads (formerly 90)"

Humm... yeah, telling me you're gonna be charging the same for a *lot* less is a sure way to get me to sign up again. NOT!

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