I noticed today that my Technorati profile page had the list of Top tags I blogged about all screwed up, with the name of the dasBlog category page as the tag name instead of just the category name. I am guessing this was caused after the upgrade to dasBlog 1.9, which now seems to mark category links in posts with rel="tag", but Technorati is using the "filename" of the tag link URL as the tag name instead of the linked text itself.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Update 2006/09/28: After browsing the source a bit, I think I see what the problem is: My template uses the <%categoryLinks%> macro to generate the category listing for posts. Under dasBlog 1.9, this macro forwards to the RenderCategoryTags(bool asTechnoratiTags) method, passing false as the argument.

In this method, if the asTechnoratiTags argument is true, the category links are rendered as pointing to "http://www.technorati.com/tag/" instead of the blog's category archive page. However, the code always adds rel="tag" to the category link, regardless of the value of the asTechnoratiTags argument, and I think this is what causes the issue.

You can see the relevant code in the dasBlog SVN repository around line 3229.

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